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MD AndersonAs a trusted and respected long term adviser, I am ready to go to work for you on short notice. But first, call me at 1-800-782-2806 or, REGISTER on my site to see if you really do need professional inherited IRA help on your situation. By registering, you can resource my additional information for free with no obligation. I have been giving away free information to assist IRA heirs since 1998. That may be all you need. 

Greetings, I am M.D. Anderson, a nationally known and published inherited IRA and estate financial consultant in Chandler, Arizona. My firm, Financial Strategies, Inc., founded in 1990, has been performing specific Inherited IRA and tax consulting services since 1998. In case you didn't know -- that is the first year the "Decedent" IRA took form in American financial circles.

With hundreds of local clients in Arizona and many clients throughout the United States and serving U.S. citizens living abroad as well -- let my 43+ years of combined financial experience solve your inherited IRA problem. 

To do that, it may be necessary to first rescue your inherited IRA from bad advice.  

Please take the time to read my CLIENT TESTIMONIALS, to discover why clients who find me -- stay with me for decades. (And why you can trust me for your inherited IRA problem now.)   

Once you retain my firm, my associate and legal consulting partner Dr. Saul S. Gefter, Esquire will be available as well to review your case if things look dicey legally... or get that way after I begin working on your case.

Most times, the consulting needed to rescue your Inherited IRA will be resolved with my tax consultation and guidance alone. But having Dr. Gefter on the FSI inherited IRA advisory team for many years, has been invaluable on countless cases. Togehter, we have had cases where we discovered simple advisor mistakes (they cost you big when they tell you to cash in your inherited IRA), as well as advisor  intentional misrepresentation or lying. And some had gross negligence implications.

One case in particular - was outright fraud by a Michigan attorney and his client (a girlfriend of the dying IRA owner), who decided to change the dying IRA owner's trust after two administrations of morphine and only hours to live. With expensive detailed forensic review here in Phoenix, we discovered the girlfriend dictated the contents of a "third" amendment and the attorney wrote it out on a white pad and had the dying client sign it (we couldn't prove it was a forged signature), giving her a $220,000 condo in Florida! When confronted, the attorney begged our client's husband not to turn him in and stated he would testify against the rogue girlfriend.

You can read more of our war stories at our WALL OF SHAME. Just understand no matter how complicated, messed up, or screwed up your inherited IRA, estate or trust problem is... we probably have probably already had a case similar. We most likely are the best choice as professional consultants on the internet to try to resolve any financial problem you may have.

Professional Legal Consultancy Available

Saul S GefterI am proud to include in my inherited IRA "rescue" consulting services - and the optional review by legal consultant Dr. Saul S. Gefter.  Saul is a well known former U.S. Diplomat and current International juridical consultant and long term member of the D.C. Bar. 

He has assisted our firm on many cases over the years when circumstances required his excellent legal input. Our joined combined forces (when necessary) provide substantial knowledge and experience with a combined experience level now over 90 years! 

Putting a savvy and seasoned legal consultant on your case guarantees ALL legal options will be explored and provided to you.  The optional legal consulting services Dr. Gefter provides for your case are billed separately through our firm at a discounted rate. Together, our Inherited IRA services are  well known as we now are long term "online" and "senior" tax and legal consulting partners.

You may have a difficult and complex Inherited IRA problem potentially without realizing it, that could use the help of a seasoned consulting attorney. Especially if your newly inherited IRA is payable to a "plain vanilla" family living trust, if you have  Inherited an IRA but face personal or business bankruptcy, or perhaps -- someone in your family is in charge and not playing by the rules. These reasons and many more are valid to consult with both of us.

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Toot The HornNational Media Interviews & Articles with M.D. Anderson  There are pretenders who can fool you at times. But the true professional financial advisers are sought out for national interviews and published in media publications.


Hot NewsWhat's HOT in Inherited IRA Tax News? Read more about the landmark Supreme Court decision June 12th, 2014 that affects all inherited IRA accounts. And much more inherited IRA related news for the past couple years.


Help ButtonProfessional help available right now to avoid needless taxation of your Inherited IRA  Sometimes you need help fast. If that describes you, push the FSI help button now for instant assistance!


Government GrapWill the government eventually take over your IRA or 401-k plan at work? The proposal happened a few years ago and is just laying there. Find out what was proposed and why it matters to NOT let this happen.


Wall of ShameThink your inherited IRA problem will go away? Read our "Wall of Shame" where actual FSI consulting cases (now closed), went horribly wrong. Learn from their misfortunes. Be sure to FIX your IRA before you die!


Client TestimonialsFinancial Strategies, Inc. Client Testimonials  Founded in 1990, FSI has served many financial needs for thousands of clients over the years. Read what they think of our services.


Two Roads - And Now You Must Choose Just One To Travel On

Two Roads To Choose From

Most people with problem oriented inherited IRA accounts hire my firm's services after calling to chat with me for a few minutes.  After just a few minutes of conversation, they can tell I am actively engaged on multiple case files and speak with authority on applicable laws and potential options. 

The most common response I get is "You seem to know what you are talking about" or "I like what you are saying because it sounds better than what my local financial adviser is telling me".

Past inherited IRA clients after being rescued from "bad advisers" have called me a "financial angel" and even one stated I was "an answer to prayer" a few years ago.  Articles quoting my knowledge in the Wall Street Journal, Fox Business News, and other national media outlets help direct potential clients to this website you are now reading.

I will have to admit that no adviser on this difficult subject is going to be an expert after taking a course or reading a book. It takes years of experience and successful closed client cases to achieve the level I now operate at along with Saul's assistance and help when legal situations pop up after I start. The rest are all pretenders who most likely have ulterior motives in giving you free inherited IRA advice. Normally, they just want a new commission or fee on YOUR inherited money... 

You see, it is extremely rare to find former advisers of the deceased IRA owner that are also competent and experienced inherited IRA advisers. It is almost impossible to think your current adviser (or your deceased parent's former adviser) is going to give you all your options now.  Or even get it right.  The problem is you may not know the difference if they malpractice.  Registering Below is a good start to educate yourself to be able to discern truth from fiction in what these "inherited" advisers tell you.

I know, you  inherited your parent's (or other loved one's) adviser along with their retirement plan/s. But with some tact and dignity, they can nicely and easily be asked to respect your desire to seek your own advisers since it is now YOUR money.

These inherited advisers will petition surviving beneficiaries to follow their advice and "roll over" the account so they can continue to manage the money for you.  If you should be so lucky, they will actually create a new inherited IRA account which is definitely the right way to go. But even then, they may miss the longer stretch period you are eligible for when any IRA is payable to a living trust or stand alone IRA trust. In our actual case files -- they will tell you the five year rule applies and all your inherited IRA money must be removed in five years after the year of death, when the decedent died after taking one or more RMD payouts. This is malpractice folks and it happens in as much as 50% of the client cases I accept for Professional advisory services. 

Most times, when client information is submitted to us for review (fax, or emailed PDF files work or we provide a private electronic directory for you), the paperwork these former advisers want you to sign is wrong. In the most egregious cases - it is a lump sum distribution request which means if you sign the forms, you will be paying income taxes on 100% of your beneficiary share yet this year! It doesn't help at all that the forms are confusing and vary between multiple custodian accounts.  You can easily sign your own fate away if you don't read and fill them out carefully.

Now, I fully recognize and admit that those bad advisers giving bad advice drive visitors to this website who are estate managers and administrators or actual beneficiaries who question the options these advisers give them after the death of an IRA owner. I know my firm wouldn't get hired as often as it does to fix a problematic inherited IRA situation without them. 

Most often the problems are CAUSED by the "old" adviser telling the new IRA beneficiaries (or estate manager) something that just isn't true. They hope you won't know the difference and will just blindly invest what is left after taxes or penalties paid -- all caused by their bad malpractice advice. Of course, they expect you to invest with them.  And if you don't... you will be reminded often.

These inept and un-skilled advisers caused popular trust, estate and retirement planning author and expert -- Boston's lawyer Natalie B. Choate -- to personally congratulate me a few years ago for telling on them in our Wall of Shame page on this website.  All true inherited IRA advisers subscribe to her retirement planning "Bible", newsletters and updates: Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits, 7th edition.

Our firm will not work with a current adviser who gave you or your deceased loved one bad inherited IRA advice that later proves to have caused you harm or financial loss. 

So, choose wisely who you are going to trust now.  Frankly, few are going to be able to handle this, the most complicated section of the tax code. Nor do they deserve to assist you now if they were the "cause" of your current problem discovered. If they are the cause of tax or legal problems for you, your estate, or a trust as beneficiary of large IRA dollars - unfortunately we can't accept a request to assist you if you want us to "work with them". 

Once retained on your case, I personally try to bypass all advisers anyway in my work for inherited IRA clients. But I will talk to the supervisors or legal departments of the firms they represent for your benefit and faster resolution of your case consulting case. This is a tremendous time saver and it helps cut to the chase and perhaps solve your current inherited IRA problem quickly and at a very low advisory expense under your first (and only) retainer paid to my firm. 

In summary, know my firm is "Well Connected" with some of America's top inherited IRA/retirement legal and tax advisers and authors -- all experts and well versed on Inherited IRAs, Taxation, Estates & Trusts.   

Some of those advisers provide the books and guidelines that all of us inherited IRA advisers must use in our advisory practice.  Being quoted in the same national news articles with tax professionals like attorney Natalie B. Choate, CPA Ed Slott, or financial adviser Michael Kitces the past few years is truly a highlight in my long financial consulting and practice and career. 

It is also your assurance that you have found the "professionals" to fix your IRA problem at a reasonable price.  Unfortunately more than a few of America's financial advisers continue to malpractice in a  "big way" on client accounts before these clients die.  This leaves beneficiaries very few favorable options -- until they contact FSI's inherited services division. If there is a way, I will find it.

With much resources, talent and experience at my disposal, I take on some of the largest IRA cases in America and rescue many millions of IRA dollars from bad advice each year.  I end up referring between 5 million and 25 million dollars each year to "Inherited IRA Friendly" IRA custodians.

If you registered and found the information provided does not fully resolve the Inherited IRA problem you are having, give me a quick call to spend a few minutes giving me the main problem you feel you have.  There is no obligation or fee for your first inquiry, but because I am very busy, my free time will be limited to a 5 minute phone conference. After that, you will be asked to retain me at least at the minimum retainer amount to continue.

Call M.D. Toll Free:


Time to Toot the FSI Horn

Inherited IRA clients can review M.D. Anderson's National publications and interviews.

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Choate's Notes 

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"I have helped save my clients countless millions of dollars from needless taxation due to bad advisers and bad advice on inherited IRA accounts, now running between 5 to 25 million each year."

M.D. Anderson, AZCLDP, Accountant, Realtor

I've had too many calls from heirs already in Inherited IRA HELL!

TIP:  Seek Counsel at the Outset

One of the Inherited IRA article I was interviewed in, correctly quoted what you must understand at the onset --  "Seek Counsel at the Outset". No better advice could have been spoken by reporter Sheyna Steiner with Especially if you are an owner or beneficiary of a larger Inherited IRA account that you would like to stretch the years out as far as possible before the bulk of the money actually gets taxed.   

If you are reading this after losing a loved one, you have my profound sympathies. I fully understand just how devastating and overwhelming the estate settlement process can be, especially when placed on top of the grieving process. If you are also an inherited IRA beneficiary, I understand that "deer in the headlights" feeling you may now have.

So, I suggest you get some professional help. I have over 42 years of combined tax, investment, mortgage banking, legal and real estate experience in my professional practice.  I have clients nationwide as well ex-patriots clients in foreign countries.


IRA consultant M.D. Anderson

M.D. Anderson2018 Billing Rate:  $ 195.00/hr 

Minimum Starter Retainer Fee:  $ 292.50 (1.5 hours)

Credit/Debit Card Retainer Payments Via PayPal

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(Also Square Credit Card Services Are Available Upon Request or Invoice by Email)

Once starter tax consulting retainer is paid, you should immediately email or fax your basic facts and documents to FSI.  Or request a free Dropbox sharing account link. Call 1-800-782-2806 for more details and to obtain our firms dedicated fax line number.


Legal Consultant, Dr. Saul S. Gefter, Esquire Doctor Gefter

2018 Billing Rate:  $ 285.00/hr 

Minimum Starter Retainer Fee:  $ 427.50 (1.5 hours)

Credit/Debit Card Retainer Payments Via PayPal

(You Don't Need a PayPal Account)

(Also Square Credit Card Services Are Available Upon Request or Invoice by Email)

Note: Once starter legal consulting retainer is paid, you should immediately email or fax your basic facts and documents to FSI.  Or request a free Dropbox sharing account link. Call 1-800-782-2806 for more details and to obtain our firms dedicated fax line number
Thank You to Past Consulting Clients

Thank You

Now, after all these years of practice -- other lawyers and CPA's nationwide now request one or both of us to assist them with their own clients. And, quite a few have also hired us to consult on their family IRA situations when they lose their own parent.

Therefore, we personally thank all professional advisers who have referred or engaged our inherited IRA consulting services in the past, and for any referrals you make in the future.

A fireball of hell is coming at most Inherited IRA beneficiaries.If, the flames of Inherited IRA Hell are being felt by what you have read so far, and you want to talk to a "real" Inherited IRA tax consultant right now, call me.


Toll- Free:


(There is no charge for your initial call)


Just before you register  for much more free inherited IRA content and begin reading the "content" portion, where all the important information you seek can be found -- this handy Retirement Terms Dictionary is provided. Use this link for any terms you may not fully understand. (Just don't forget to hit your "back" button so you can keep reading)

You really need the top 10 rules you must follow to administer an Inherited IRA type account, because without them, trouble may be right around the corner.  Or the 5 biggest mistakes people make with newly inherited IRA accounts. You will find these and much more "inside" the site after registration. All provided to you free and with no cost or further obligation. And, no one will call if you register, unless you ask for a call back!


Thanks for coming to this important Inherited IRA information site! If you haven't already done so, be sure to register to get exclusive access to long term Inherited IRA management tips.


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M.D. Anderson, President
Financial Strategies, Inc.


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Client Testimonials

M.D. Anderson's Personal & Corporate Published Client Testimonials

Testimonial #1

FSI Client(Received on 9/30/08)  "My first interaction with Mike happened back in September 2005 approximately 1 month after my mother passed away in Sun Lakes, Arizona. Mike had made my mothers living trust some years prior to her death. I had copies of bits and pieces of the trust my mother had sent me but had never seen the whole trust until it was given to me by her new husband of 8 months only hours after her death. Being unfamiliar with the trust as well as devastated by the sudden passing of my mother I went through it briefly and hit what I felt were the high points. It wasn't until I arrived back in Spokane, Washington that I sought out help ciphering through the whole trust with the help of a reputable living trust attorney. His initial charge to complete it all would be between $15,000- $25,000. It was a fairly substantial trust but I felt that was a bit over the top. I then sat down and read it cover to cover and stumbled upon a statement that said to contact Mike Anderson if any problems were encountered reading the trust. So I figured I would contact him before proceeding forward of course figuring another big price tag to get help!

Boy was I pleasantly surprised after speaking with Mike for just a few minutes and finding out he could take care of everything for somewhere around $1000-$1500 depending on what changes my mother had done to it. I sent the trust to Mike. From that point on I never had any worries. Mike kept in constant contact with me always keeping me informed of what needed to be done and when and then he took care of it. My mother (bless her heart) had made quite numerous changes some on her own and some with assistance from her new husband of 8 months. Most changes were done by pencil scratch out and re-written in new information. Mike was able to cipher through all the legal and questionable changes that had taken place and handled everything there in Arizona.

I felt so comfortable with Mike's  guidance and knowledge I had him go ahead and make living trusts for both me and my wife.  I have been in contact with Mike over the last 3 years asking guidance when I make additions and changes to my trust and he is always very expedient and professional in getting back to me. I cannot thank Mike enough for all the monetary value he saved but more for all the mental grief he saved me.  Thanks Mike!"

Retired  MSgt USAF

Max & Ellen Eskildsen

Mead, Washington 99021 

Testimonial #2

Saul S Gefter(Received on 6/27/08) "I have known Michael Anderson for some time as both a colleague and as an associate of our 105 year-old Brazilian international law firm, located in Rio de Janeiro. Mike and his Arizona firm, Financial Strategies, Inc. has been contracted to do strategic financial, tax, trust and estate planning and development on behalf of an important and long-standing client, a member of one of Brazil's most famous families with assets in Brazil and abroad .

I can personally attest to his business acumen, sharpness of mind, outstanding professional abilities and most importantly, his honesty, integrity and professionalism in accomplishing the most difficult and complex tasks put to him.  Mike's personal interest in the well-being and concern for the client's interests entrusted to him is remarkable and noteworthy. His Estate Planning & Trust Portfolio has become a model for others attempting to match his efforts in producing such an important and meaningful document to both clients, their heirs and family members.

Our office has constantly dealt with professionals in all sectors world-wide over the years and I can attest to that fact that Mike is head and shoulders above them all. We look forward to a continued and fruitful relationship with Michael Anderson and his firm for years to come."

Saul S. Gefter, Esq.

U.S. Consul (ret.)

Member, D.C. Bar Assn.

Petrópolis, RJ Brazil 

Testimonial #3

FSI Client(Received on 6/14/08): "It was my mother, Berniece Robb, who first  introduced me to Michael Anderson.  Mother's tax accountant extraordinaire for a period of time, she became aware of Mike's family trust preparation capabilities.  Contacting referrals, she received splendid encouragement from individuals who had engaged Mr. Anderson in preparing their trusts.  Mother placed her confidence in Mike and asked him to proceed with her estate.  Soon after, as I was a widow with three children, Mother encouraged me to do the same.  That was winter of 1992.

Mother died in April of 1996.  As difficult as the loss was emotionally,  Mike stepped up to the plate  (Mike was only a phone call away),  just as he informed us he would and as the trust would.   As successor to Mother's estate, I had immediate access to her accounts, including the ability to write checks for her funeral expenses.  There was no probate, no waiting, no need for approval from brokerage houses and financial institutions, and no added expenses.  Everything was in order and fell mercifully in place, thanks to Mike's foresight in trust preparation.

While periodic updates may be necessary due to changes in the law (I have had one), I can say with confidence that  I have peace of mind Mike will inform me of such changes and my children will experience the same ease when it comes time to settling my estate at my death.  My children will know my final wishes.  Short of that, the individuals I have chosen will have the trust tools (Powers of Attorney), to deal with all health and financial issues should I be incapable of doing so.

In all sincerity, Thank you Mike Anderson for offering me "Shaffer Family Trust" peace of mind.

Susan Shaffer

Phoenix, Arizona

Testimonial #4 

FSI Client(Received on 5/8/08):  "Mike Anderson has been handling our taxes for our small business for about 20 years. He never keeps us waiting for answers when we have questions about anything from taxes to finances to real estate.  He is very knowledgeable and we know that we can trust his advice.

He recently did our trust for our family and it was wonderful!  He seems to make it come alive by the way he represents the family in personal ways by adding pictures of us and even our pets.  Mike makes our life run more smoothly and he does it at a very affordable price."

Frankie and Dennis Malicowski

Mesa, Arizona  

Testimonial #5

A Nice Client Note


Disclaimer: The information contained on this inherited IRA information site, though deemed reliable and accurate, is solely the opinion and statements of the adviser profiled. Therefore, it should be considered "general" in nature and no action should be taken based on this information until such time your specific situation and circumstances can be reviewed and analyzed by competent and qualified tax, insurance, legal, and/or other financial advisers. This information is not intended, nor should be construed as legal advice. FSI can not and will not give you legal advice. If you need legal advice, we can refer you if you desire and request it. Founded in 1990, FSI is a long-term Financial Advisory and Arizona domiciled Corporation now providing services nationwide and in some foreign countries. Services profiled herein are available unrestricted to Arizona residents. Residents outside of Arizona are eligible for certain consulting services and to legal (lawyer) referrals by our firm when requested of us. For Arizona residents, communication with an Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer (AZCLDP) are private and confidential but are not "privileged", such as they would be with an actual Lawyer.

Besides being a licensed  Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer, Mr. Anderson serves as an associate of an international law firm. He also is an Arizona Professional Accountant/Consultant and licensed IRS registered tax preparer and ERO (Electronic Return Originator) agent/firm. He also is an Arizona licensed Professional (Realtor®)/consultant) with Realty One Group and a licensed Professional insurance agent and corporation for life, health or annuity sales. Inherited IRA accounts have many options you may not be aware of, including alternative "hard asset" type investments. Let M.D. show you the options your current banker, broker or insurance agent may still be hiding from you!

Privacy Policy/Terms of Service: We maintain a Inherited IRA Hell Current Client and Visitor Privacy Policy, and a Inherited IRA Hell - Terms & Conditions of Use Policy which can be referenced or reviewed by clicking on the highlighted text in this sentence above. 

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